Calvin French-Owen

    1. The One-trick Pony and The Empire

      Everyone wants to build the next “rocketship.” We all want to start businesses with an incredible growth trajectory and massive impact.

    2. Write.

      “What’s the biggest thing you’ve learned while building Segment?”

    1. An Introduction to Node’s New Streams

      Recently, there’s been a lot of commotion on twitter and in #node.js about the new streams2 API. The official stream docs leave a lot to be desired, which has lead to general confusion. That’s too bad, because using new streams can really simplify your code once you understand how they work. Let me take you there…

    1. The Cost of an ACL Injury

      A little over a year ago, I tore my ACL playing ultimate frisbee. I made a quick cut to lose my defender, and as I planted my foot to change directions, I felt a sudden pop in my knee. Next thing I know, I’m on the ground because my knee had given out.

    1. What 10gen nailed with MongoDB

      When my co-founders and I first started on our startup a little over a year ago, we asked other startups about what to database they were using. Nine out of ten people all had the same response: “Just go with Mongo.”

    2. Node and Express Tips

      At, we’ve been using node.js with the express framework for about 8 months now. We switched over from using the java play! framework and I’ve found express to be much more elegant. It’s simple, doesn’t prescribe too much, and is way less verbose than the same java code.

    1. Indexing Schemaless Documents in Mongo

      One of the best parts about mongo is its entirely schemaless nature. We can store any kind of data we’d like without having to worry about where that data comes from or how it should be laid out.